Killzone: Shadow Fall | REVIEW

When a new console arrives it’s expected for the next wave of franchise IPs to appear to help usher in the latest generation of hardware. But among whatever new titles we’re graced with, it’s also part of the norm for some established franchises to make the long-awaited next-gen jump as well, both to fulfill the […]

Killer Is Dead (PS3) | REVIEW

The direction a video game can take is something that never ceases to amaze me.  Of course as a player I may have an inkling as to what will be bestowed upon me in an experience given the particular genre of a title or the hype that surrounds the development studio.  Yet even then, I […]

MirrorMoon EP [PC] | REVIEW

Video games are usually been defined by the genres that they’re created under. An action game will always be an action game, a racer will always be a racer, and so on.  At times we may receive a game which combines genres to present something unique in what it strives for, but even then it’s […]

Until Dawn (PS4) | Review

The core goal of any horror video game is to do one thing – scare the living daylights out of those that play it.  Though like its cinematic counterpart, if a horror game lacks any finesse or subtlety it’ll ultimately prove to be boring, predictable, and boring if it ultimately amounts to a series of […]

The Order: 1886 (PS4) | Review

If you take a step back for a second and not focus on stuff that is immediately silly to focus on, such as the resolution and framerate of a game, it’s amazing to see how far games have come within the last decade let alone the past five years. Seeing the advances that have been […]