Casting Call: Metal Gear Solid | FEATURE

I still think these casting choices are on the mark. Sure, there may be a few changes but these choices are pretty damn great in nailing the essence of the characters with actors who can actually perform both drama while still having a certain physicality to them. Original article follows below. ____ When a video […]

Casting Call: God of War | FEATURE

The Casting Call feature I used to do on Shogun Gamer was rooted in something that was slightly common among gaming sites.  However, with my take I always wanted to do something a tad more different and in this case it was to provide some actual thought and detail into my casting choices rather than […]

Lucha Underground: The Video Game [Golden Opportunity]

Wrestling is a form of entertainment that has essentially stood the test of time. No matter what sort of changes may transpire within our culture, the spectacle of two opponents stepping into the squared circle to settle some sort of dispute is one that is timeless. Though wrestling in itself may be timeless having stayed […]

One Punch Man: The Video Game [Golden Opportunity]

This is a previously unpublished article I wrote a few months ago.   _____ For some of us out there, in particular those in their late twenties/early thirties, Japanese animation has been a part of our lives for ages.  Whether it was running home once school was over to catch the afternoon airing of Toonami […]

Red Dwarf: The Video Game [Golden Opportunity]

Golden Opportunity was a feature that ran towards the end of my tenure at Shogun Gamer.  The purpose of the feature was to highlight unique brands, either films, TV shows, or animated properties, that would be perfectly suited for a video game adaptation but unfortunately had yet to receive one. Focused on providing thoughtful details […]